ring sizing

not sure what your ring size is? don't worry, measuring your ring size is easy and in no time you'll be able to find your perfect fit! 
take a piece of ribbon or string, and wrap it around the finger you want to measure. mark where the ends overlap, and and use a ruler to measure the length in millimeters! 

ring size chart

note: fingers can change sizes depending on the weather-- they're larger when hot and smaller when it's cold! try not to measure your ring size in extreme temperatures. if you're in between sizes, we usually recommend choosing the larger size. rings with chunkier, thicker bands tend to fit more snugly.
all of our listings include whether a ring is resizable-- if the ring you like is resizable but isn't your size, your local jeweler will be able to resize it for you for the best fit. we recommend resizing no more than 2-3 sizes up or down. please contact us with any questions!