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Antique French Micro Mosaic Brooch 18k Gold

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Antique bar brooch with an intricate, beautiful micro mosaic depicting a white animal (possibly a sheep) with an English flag, surrounded by flowers, and held in a 18k solid gold frame. Each tiny tile in the mosaic has been painstakingly, carefully placed to form the design of the piece. We can't help but marvel at the incredible craftsmanship that was needed to create this piece, and wonder what the story behind its creation was. While the animal on the piece carries an English flag, the piece is hallmarked with an eagle's head, which has been used in France to indicate 18k gold. This piece dates to the late Victorian era (1850-1900).

Marked with a French eagle's head hallmark for 18k gold, and tested. Some tiles are missing, reflected in price- please see photos.

Size: 2" x 3/8"

Weight: 8.5 g


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