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Victorian Long Guard Chain 14k Gold

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An incredible antique long guard chain from the late Victorian era (1850-1900). Back then, women clipped their pocket watches to the dog clips on the ends, and looped and draped the long chain around their torsos in various ways. These chains were an essential, staple part of a Victorian woman's jewelry collection and everyday life, and were made with such quality and attention to detail that they've stood the test of time until today. Just as wearable now as they were 150 years ago, they've become a favorite of antique collectors and vintage enthusiasts.

Our chain is 67" long in a closed loop, offering lots of different possibilities for styling. The specialty patterned links are sure to stand out- small circular links that are arranged with a 2-in-1 weave. We love the bold, 3D rounded effect and haven't seen this exact pattern before. Links and clip are made in 14k gold with a beautiful patina and that rosy hue that we know and love in antique pieces- giving off an alluring gleam in the light. Enjoy experimenting with different ways to loop and drape the chain, and style with your favorite pendants or charms on the dog clip. It's also wonderful just worn alone looped once or twice- as you see in our photo.

Marked 14k & tested. In very good antique condition.

Weight: 44.5 g

Length: 67 in, loop is closed.


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