about us

at selection du coeur, we aim to provide top-tier quality by offering one-of-a kind, recycled vintage fine jewelry, as well as jewelry designed by us in an ethical, eco-conscious way. created by two jewelry lovers hoping to share their love of shiny things, selection du coeur (“desires of the heart”) was born in an effort both to express ourselves creatively and help address the ever-increasing need for sustainability in the jewelry industry.
we curate and design unique pieces that we love and hope our customers will love too, and aim to provide quality, unique fine jewelry at prices more affordable than those of traditional retailers for anyone who wants to wear our pieces.
our own multi-ethnic backgrounds have inspired and helped us witness both the positive cultural influences that hand-me-down fine jewelry played in our lives, but also exposed us to the socio-environmental harm caused by the unsustainable mining of our earth’s resources on the flip-side.
the gold mining process is extremely harmful to the earth, and it's estimated that about 20 tons of rock and soil are dug or blown up to mine just enough gold for one wedding band, affecting global climate and biodiversity. alternatives such as plated jewelry are even more harmful as they contribute to overconsumption and throw-away culture in addition to the fact that plated jewelry often is unrecyclable in any way.
on top of being more environmentally conscious than newly-mined or plated gold, each piece of vintage jewelry we offer is unique and rich in history. in a similar vein to how oral tradition once determined how society passed down values and traditions from one generation to the next, these vintage pieces represent frozen moments, as well as the memories or people that we cherish and attach to these times.
please reach out to us regarding any questions or custom requests!