jewelry care tips

with a little bit of care, your solid gold jewelry can last many lifetimes-- some of the pieces we sell have already lasted that long! here are our tips for keeping your jewelry looking its best:

1. keep your jewelry away from harsh chemicals and excessive heat. we recommend taking your jewelry off during activities such as doing chores (like cleaning), exercising or playing sports, showering or swimming, or any other activities which can cause exposure to water or other liquids, or extra wear to your jewelry. in between wears, store in a box or pouch.

2. normal wear and tear can cause gold jewelry to become a little bit duller over time-- or even become tarnished. with your first order, we'll send out a little polishing cloth that can be used with all your solid gold (or silver) jewelry! every few months, or if you notice tarnishing, gently buff your jewelry with the cloth to remove tarnish and help restore shine and luster to your jewelry. this cloth can be re-used hundreds of times-- it'll change colors, but remain perfectly usable. (note: only use the cloth on gold and avoid any stones, and don't use the cloth on plated jewelry if you have any, as it can remove the plating.)

3. a build up of dirt and sweat can dull the shine of your gold and gemstones over time-- be sure to clean your jewelry every few weeks. for a gentle clean, we recommend gently scrubbing jewelry with a soft brush (a toothbrush works well!) with a combination of warm water and mild soap. rinse off any soap--if your jewelry has stones, rinse off in a bowl of warm water to catch any stones that may have been accidentally dislodged from their settings. use extra care with opals, pearls, tanzanites, emeralds, turquoise, and any other stones that are more fragile.

feel free to contact us with any questions!